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4 Weird Ice Cream Toppings That Are Good for You

Everyday Health’s Kelly Kennedy, RDN, talks about healthier ice cream toppings, and our blindfolded panel of taste testers give them a try. Learn the health benefits of each topping and how they taste!

Lori Gottlieb: How Stigmatized Chronic Illness Affects Your Mental Health

Therapist, author, and speaker Lori Gottlieb talks about the mental health effects of living with stigmatized chronic illnesses like psoriasis, Graves disease, thyroid eye disease, atopic dermatitis, and conditions that limit mobility.

Lori Gottlieb: The Consequences of Medical Gaslighting and Chronic Illness

Therapist, author, and speaker Lori Gottlieb shares insight into how not having your chronic illness taken seriously can lead to misdiagnosis, lack of treatment, as well as mental health and quality of life issues.

Lori Gottlieb: ‘The Wandering Uterus’ and Dismissing Women’s Health Issues

Therapist, author, and speaker Lori Gottlieb speaks about how women with chronic illness have historically had their health concerns dismissed, and shares her own personal experience.

How to Cut It: Portobello Mushroom

Mushrooms are a low-calorie, antioxidant-rich superfood that can be used as a meat substitute. Everyday Health staff nutritionist Kelly Kennedy, RDN, shows you how to cut mushrooms.

Lori Gottlieb: In-person vs Virtual Therapy

The pandemic has not only changed our mental health, but also how we treat our mental health. Therapist, author, and speaker Lori Gottlieb discusses the pros and cons of virtual therapy versus in-person therapy.

Lori Gottlieb: Young People and Mental Health

Therapist, author, and speaker Lori Gottlieb discusses her thoughts and insights on how many teens and young adults relate to mental health. She also shares her experiences as a mother of a son who has created a mental health discussion platform for young

What is Your Love Language?

Knowing your love language can act as a road map in understanding yourself and your relationships.

We Tried It: A Cooling Vest for MS

Overheating can temporarily worsen MS symptoms. We asked Chrichelle Fernandez to try out this cooling vest. (Spoiler alert: She loved it!)

Holly Rowe-Skin Spots and Taking a Melanoma Diagnosis Seriously

When sports reporter Holly Rowe was diagnosed with stage 3 desmoplastic melanoma, she learned to take those spots on her skin seriously.

Holly Rowe-Desmoplastic Melanoma Diagnosis

ESPN sports journalist Holly Rowe discuss her diagnosis of stage 3 desmoplastic skin cancer.

Holly Rowe-Sun Safety and Melanoma

After being diagnosed with stage 3 desmoplastic melanoma, ESPN sports reporter became committed to educating people about the dangers on excessive sun exposure.

Holly Rowe-Working Throughout Cancer Treatment

ESPN sports journalist Holly Rowe worked throughout her treatment for stage 3 desmoplastic melanoma. Here she discusses that process and motivation.

Holly Rowe-Dealing With a Cancer Diagnosis as a Parent

Parenting is hard. Parenting with stage 3 cancer is harder. Sports journalist Holly Rowes discusses her journey as a single mom with desmoplastic melanoma.

Holly Rowe-How To Support a Loved One With Cancer

When sports reporter Holly Rowe was diagnosed with stage 3 desmoplastic melanoma, she learned that it is often "too much" for loved ones, and they don't know how give support.

Holly Rowe-Seeking Joy While Living With Cancer

ESPN sports reporter Holly Rowe discusses how seeking joy helped her endure her battle with stage 3 desmoplastic melanoma.

Holly Rowe-Her Journey With Melanoma

When ESPN sports journalist Holly Rowe was diagnosed with stage 3 desmoplastic melanoma in 2015, she didn’t understand the seriousness of her diagnosis. 7 years later, she’s aware, going strong, and on a mission to educate and inspire.

What Pregnant Women With IBD Should Know About Supplements During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and living with inflammatory bowel disease, it's important to talk to your doctor and OB about how to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Even the Stars Get Lonely and Anxious

Are they just like us? Inde Navarette crochets when she gets lonely, Siedah Garrett calls her friends, Taryn Manning works on self-love, and David Faustino works out and meditates to deal with anxiety.

What Can People With MS Teach Us?

The host and attendees of the 2022 Race to Erase MS gala say what they’ve learned from people with MS or what they can teach, as a person who has MS.

Self-Care Tips for Anxiety

Samantha Hanratty, star of the Showtime series “Yellowjackets,” reveals how she copes with anxiety and prevents panic attacks: square breathing, Zoloft, and spending time outside.

Better Sleep Positions For People With Heart Failure

The position you sleep in can have direct effects on your heart health.

How to Cook It: Chocolate-Covered Grilled Coconut

Find out how to open a coconut in this delicious recipe for grilled coconut covered in dark chocolate. It's a nutritious dessert you can feel good about!

When Is Coronary Angioplasty Necessary?

Angioplasty is a minimally invasive procedure used to widen narrow or blocked arteries, restoring blood flow.

Condition Kitchen Cannabinoid Smoothie

Chef Daniel Green and Dr. Joe Feuerstein take you through making a healthy vegan smoothie with mood-boosting cannabinoids from anti-oxidant rich cacao.

Condition Kitchen: Type 2 Diabetes-Zucchini Bolognese

Dr. Joe and Chef Daniel’s Bolognese is a simple, hearty, low-carb recipe of an Italian favorite for people living with type 2 diabetes looking for a delicious pasta alternative, using spiralized zucchini.

Condition Kitchen: Type 2 Diabetes-Salmon Cakes

Dr. Joe and Chef Daniel’s healthy take on Thai Salmon cakes. They have a low glycemic index, and are packed flavor and nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids, and the anti-inflammatory properties of fresh ginger. A great meal that is perfect for those living

Race to Erase MS 2022

Each year, Race to Erase MS hosts a celebrity-studded gala event to raise funds for MS research. Meet founder Nancy Davis and some of her guests, and learn why finding a cure for MS is close to their hearts.